Sally's 1 of the main characters of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! She's Nick's next door neighbor & best friend, & goes with him & the Cat in the Hat in every episode in Cat's thingamajigger. She's voiced by Alexa Torrington.

Physical Appearance Edit

Casual Attire Edit

Sally has short light blonde hair with a dark pink headband on. She usually wears a very short-sleeved, white T-shirt under a dark pink jumper with 2 dark pink buttons & dark pink shoes with maroon soles.

Other Outfits Edit

  • Her swimsuit consist of a pink 1-piece bathing suit with a purple-&-white flower in the middle, & a pink skirt.
  • Her nightwear consist of a light pink short-sleeved nightgown with 2 buttons, & a white collar. (Season 1)
    • Pink onesie pajamas (Cat in the Hat Know A Lot About Camping)
    • Maroon t-shirt & pants (Season 3)
  • Her winter clothes consist of a striped dark pink-&-light green hat with her headband underneath, a striped dark pink-&-light green scarf, a long pink coat with 4 dark pink buttons, dark pink gloves, dark green pants, & brown winter boots.
  • Her scuba suit's a dark pink wet-suit, with maroon flippers, belt, & head goggles. Her oxygen tank, & tube's are blue.
  • In the Series Premiere episode "Show Me The Honey", Sally wore a black-&-yellow striped jumper over her short white T-shirt, black headband, & black shoes.
  • In the Season 1 episode "You Should be Dancing", Sally had a summer outfit that consist of a light blue, short-sleeved dress with a purple-&-white flower on the front, purple sunglasses, & her dark pink shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Sally's 6 years old; 1 year younger than Nick.
  • Sally's favorite color is pink as revealed in "Pick Your Friends.".
  • Sally has torn at least 2 of her own dresses during the show's 5-year run: her pink (both light & dark) silk princess dress once (a bush branch caused it to rip) in Dress Up Day, & her dark pink jumper once (accidentally happened when she stood up from sitting on the back porch steps when it tore part of her dark pink jumper off) in Cotton Patch.
  • In the 3 upcoming Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! films, her physical appearance is the same, but with maroon clothing.
  • Sally has took her headband off only once (intentionally slipped off her head) in "Hooray For Hair."
  • In the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! books, her physical appearance's the same, but she now has dark blonde hair, light pink clothing & white leggings.

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